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Taiping Telpher

Over 3,700 meters long, this cable car is one of the longest in Asia and the longest cable car in China. It’s located at the northern end of Mount Huang. The car leads visitors up to Beihai Peak, one of the main peaks of Huangshan. The journey takes approximately eight minutes and the telpher can easily carry a large group of 50 people or more. It offers visitors some unforgettable views and is a good option for anyone who is not in great shape or have the time for a significant hike. It runs throughout the day until 5 p.m.
 The Taiping cable car is the only option to get some of those fantastic views on the mountain, especially from the north side. There are a few other cable cars on the mountain and Taiping Telpher is the one to take for the northern end of the mountain. It gives tourists a photogenic bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape.
The roads take visitors to the Xihai Grand Canyon and runs between the Pine Valley Nunnery and the Pine Forest Peak and the road eventually leads to the Emerald Pool.

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