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Taiyuan is a big manufacturing centre in China. It is the capital and largest city in Shanxi province. Shanxi province lies east of the similarly named Shaanxi province, where the popular city of Xi’an is located. Shanxi is a good stopping point between Xi’an and Beijing and it’s possible to see some sites in the capital city of Taiyuan before visiting the famed walled city of Pingyao.
Visit Taiyuan and Shanxi province to get a dose of ancient China. There are some notable temple sites and museums which outline the long history of northeastern China.
The city of Taiyuan dates back to almost 500 B.C. It served as the national capital city at different points throughout the various dynasties, and is still sometimes referred to as the “Dragon City”, or Longcheng.
The city is located next to the Fen River. Taiyuan literally means “Great Plain” because of the plain that is formed when the Fen River passes through the mountains. The population in the urban area is over 3 million people. Taiyuan’s train and bus stations link travellers to many different parts of the country.

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