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Tangmo Village

Situated at the foot of Mount Huangshan is another notable and historic Huizhou village called “Tangmo” Village. Although it was first built during the Tang Dynasty, a lot of the village’s architecture is from the prosperous Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was originally the Wang family compound and now serves as a traditional village, open for visitors to enjoy.
A main scenic spot in Tangmo is the garden in the middle of the village. Some parts in this area are reminiscent of the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. It is rumoured that a wealthy man designed the garden for his mother, who wished to visit the West Lake but never got the opportunity to.
There’s also Water Street and the Mirror Pavillon (also known as Jing Ting). The pavilion includes 18 stone inscriptions in the traditional Chinese calligraphy. A 1000-meter long river runs through Water Street and has a total of 13 small bridges over it. When spending a day in the Huangshan area, this village of Tangmo is a great place to wander and enjoy the unique and peaceful scenery.

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