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Temple Restaurant (TRB)

Set within the walls of a 600-year-old temple complex, Temple Restaurant & Bar (TRB) serves a lavish array of contemporary European cuisine within a clean, clear-cut space which manages to masterfully balance the old and new. Upon entering the restaurants, your attendants will take you beneath the entrance’s ancient ceiling beams to a modern, minimalist dining area with cavernously high ceilings. The cuisine at TRB is as impressive as the restaurant’s ambiance, and you will be able to sample an exquisite array of culinary masterpieces ranging from grilled veal chop with a trickle of meaty a jus to a wispy pistachio souffle paired with a decadent dollop of French chocolate ice cream. While prices skew towards the higher end of the spectrum here, few places in the world can match the ambiance, culinary creativity and dedication to quality exemplified by TRB on a daily basis.

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