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The Dragon Gate on Xishan (West Hill)

The West Hill stands 15k outside of Kunming’s city center, surrounded by a vast expanse of lush grasslands. Located just west of Lake Dianchi, the West Hill abundantly flourishes with great vegetation and vibrant flowers. The area is considered by many to be “the most beautiful place in Yunnan”, boasting picturesque vistas in all directions. Known for the numerous scenic areas intertwined within the West Hill, it is one of Kunming’s finest treasures.

Stone sculptures that took over 70 years to construct adorn the hillside. Dragon Gate, one of the hill’s most visited scenic spots, provides amazing aerial views of Lake Dianchi peacefully resting below. The famed gate stands at an elevation of 2,500 meters.

Upon the hill local residents often sing traditional folk songs and put on shows for visitors. Some of the hill’s other known attractions include Hiating Temple, Taihla Temple, the Sangingge Pavilions, and the Longmen Grotto.

West Hill is home to Yunnan’s largest collection of grottos including the Phoenix Cliff Grotto, which was guilt during the Ming Dynasty to resemble a phoenix with its wings outstretched along the hillside.

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