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The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA Shanghai) is located in the heart of Shanghai just north of People’s Square, which houses the Municipal Government Headquarters and Shanghai’s most time-honored museums. Founded in 2005, the glass-paneled MOCA Shanghai was built in the fashion of the former People’s Park Greenhouse, with a modern twist which belies the edgy masterpieces it contains. The ground floor and first level of the museum boast a total of 1,800 square meters of exhibition space, with the two levels connected by a sweeping steel ramp. MOCA Shanghai is dedicated to the promotion of cross-cultural contemporary artwork, and therefore showcases work produced by established international and Chinese artists, as well as little-known local artists looking to gain entry to the world stage. The museum holds a biennale, MOCA Envisage, which offers an introspective exploration of China’s contemporary art scene, its prominent themes and the nature of its evolution. In addition to the museum’s eye-catching exhibitions, MOCA Shanghai also runs seminars, talks, and educational programs throughout the year, ensuring that the museum’s galleries, though oftentimes abstract and perplexing, are deconstructed in a user-friendly format for easy consumption and digestion.

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