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The Three Gorges Dam Project

Located in the city of Yichang in Hubei province and in between the three gorges of China’s most important river; the Yangtze, this is the most large-scale hydro-power enterprise to ever be executed in the world. The construction of the Three Gorges started in December of 1994 and the project was completed by 2009. The construction resulted in a reservoir dam of 3861 sq. miles.
Aside from the vast amounts of hydro-electricity the dam provides, there are numerous benefits to the Three Gorges Project which include a high degree of flood control and navigation, as well as boosting the tourism industry.
There was a Three Gorges Dam scenic area opened in 1997 which gives tourists a panoramic view of the project. There is also a Memorial Garden which serves as a museum, which shows the various types of machinery involved in the making of the dam.
Another noteworthy place to visit while at the Dam is the Huangling Temple; the oldest building in the area.
The Three Gorges Project sees a number of visitors year-round but it is particularly busy during the October holidays.

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