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The Tongxin Great Mosque

This site is located in Tongxin County in the city of Wuzhong. Wuzhong is a Chinese city with one of the highest concentrations of mosques in China. This particular one is the largest as well as the oldest mosque in the autonomous region of Ningxia. 
Built during the Ming Dynasty, the structure represents a mix of the Han and Hui styles. The structure resembles any typical Han Chinese structure but the decorations are more Islamic influenced.
The main building consists of two halls and one big prayer hall, and the area can hold up to 1,000 people.
An historic meeting happened in October of 1936 during the time of the Chinese civil war, where the area of Tongxin gained the title of the first autonomous region in China. Due to this special status, the mosque outlived the revolution and stands strong today. The Tongxin Mosque was the only Muslim structure which wasn’t affected by the revolution. It is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit in the desert region of northern China.


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