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The U China Travel Difference

About Us

What does it mean to choose U China Travel?

It means traveling China on your own terms, carving out a unique travel experience based on what matters most to you.

It means that you will be treated like a friend, not just like a customer.

It means traveling with complete flexibility, reserving you the right to make itinerary changes on the fly.

It means eating at the best restaurants, experiencing all that China’s rich culinary traditions have to offer.

Above all else, travelling with U China Travel means exactly what you want it to mean.  What makes the perfect trip?  Adventure? Excitement? History? Culture? Relaxation? Gluttony? Perhaps it is a combination of all of these things…

About The Others

Recently, my girlfriend and I hosted a visitor in Beijing who was passing through China on a two week business trip.  For her one night in Beijing, we took her to dinner at Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant.  Prior to arriving, she pre-booked a Great Wall of China tour on a well known travel and flight booking website that also offers tours.

During dinner she praised the magnificence and beauty of the Great Wall.  She was grateful to have been able to walk on such a historic and impressive piece of architecture.  After a couple of drinks and some tasty duck roll-ups, she became more candid about her afternoon at the Great Wall.  She explained to us that before and after her Great Wall climb, the tour operator ushered her through expensive gift shops and even a jade factory.  They had spent as much time being encouraged to buy souvenirs as they did on the Great Wall.

Rolling up her sleeve, she revealed a solid jade bracelet.

“How much did you pay for that?” I asked.

“2,200 RMB,” she replied.

My face frowned and my head shook.  2,200 RMB, first price, no discounts, no bargaining.

“I wonder how much of that the tour operator received?”

“Really? You think that was a bad price,” she said sounding surprised.

This was clearly her first time in China.  So young.  So naive.

The same bracelet of questionable authenticity could easily have been haggled for at the Silk Market for a tenth of the price that she paid at the overpriced jade factory by the Great Wall.

T.I.C. – This Is China.

Loads of unknowing visitors have fell into similar traps.  China is very much a “survival of the fittest,” kind of country.  Everybody is out to make an extra buck any way that they can.  Even well-known tour operators.

This brings me back to the U China Travel difference and what that actually means.

The Difference

The U China Travel difference is avoiding these tourist traps all together.  It is about showing you the best of this country that we so passionately love.  No tricks, no scams, no hidden costs or rip-off souvenir shops.

The U China Travel difference is helping you haggle, teaching our friends the finer points of Chinese bargaining and the art of “walking away.”  China is still a developing country, a place that offers a fantastic value for those knowledgeable and savvy enough to seek it out.  We understand the importance of providing real value to our customers.

Value, Quality, Authenticity, and Flexibility.

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