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Twin Pagoda Temple

Located near the city of Taiyuan, this site consists of a set of pagodas and the Yongzuo Temple, giving the name of the site the Twin Pagoda Temple.
Also known as “the symbol of Taiyuan”, these twin pagoda structures date back to the Ming Dynasty. The pagodas were built under the guidance of monk Fodeng, a distinguished religious figure at the time. The construction took a few decades and they were built at different times between the 16th and 17th centuries, with the eastern pagoda being built about 15 years before the western one. They are the tallest set of pagodas in China. They are octagonal in shape and 53 meters (approximately 174 feet) tall. Each pagoda has an inside staircase for visitors to climb and get an overall view of the area. 
Both of the pagodas stand on either side of the Yongzuo Temple.
The best time to visit this site is in the springtime, when the peony trees are blooming. The garden surrounding the pagodas and temple is beautiful and a great place to explore. 
Look for the stone inscriptions of traditional calligraphy in the entrance.

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