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U China Travel Memo – A Note from Leo

Leo from U China Travel

Ever been ‘forced’ to spend previous travelling time at shops you have absolutely no interest in? Or perhaps felt suffocated amid huge throngs at touristy sites? Having worked in the tourism industry for many years, I know how you feel. After all, I was one of those guides who would bring people to these touristy shops. Not any more.I’m Leo, the founder of U China Travel. Thank you for visiting our site, and for taking your time to listen to my story.

Having graduated from an Aeronautics and Engineering course in a Beijing University, I once thought I would follow a conventional career in the engineering industry.But fate had other ideas for me, and I landed a job as a guide with different operators all over China. As I brought visitors to discover China, I discovered more about myself. This unexpected journey into an entirely different industry matched my need to do something more fulfilling with my life. It ignited a strong desire to connect with other people, to show them the beauty of China, fulfil dreams and create lifelong memories. 

However, I soon realised that the tourism industry in China is, in many ways, a very jaded and commercial one. Tourists often sign up for standard itineraries, packed with rushed schedules, touristy shops, restaurants and sites. Like factory-work, these standard tours give tour agencies greater profitability, but give tourists lesser value. This journey made me discover that there was a huge gap between my vision of traveling and what was (and still is) being offered in the market today. Bland, impersonal mass tourism.I believe travelling is NOT about the number of attractions you see, nor about the names of fancy hotels you stay but how rejuvenated and inspired you’ll get from your trip. 

My initial experiences formed the foundation of my philosophy, and I rapidly understood that my path was somewhere else. With this deep desire to offer authentic, high quality, personalised travels and lifelong travel memories, U China Travel was founded in 2009 with a close friend. A decade after its creation, U China Travel remains a Boutique Travel Agency and we’re proud of it! We strive to keep constant close relations, preferring direct communication with our guests and offering highly personalised and flexible tours. Our guides are handpicked and are well-known in their respective niches. We specialise in letting you experience the more authentic side of China, and enjoy non-touristy restaurants with great cuisine. Our customer service is top notch.

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My favourite motto (which I love proclaiming loudly!) goes “As a Boutique Travel Agency we hope NOT to be the biggest, but strive to be the best travel company with the highest quality service in China!”

With this core philosophy in mind, we’ve served and created wonderful memories with our beloved guests, many of whom we’re still in touch.

U China Travel is always listening and improving. In addition to our customised travels, we’re happy to announce a fantastic range of small group tours starting in 2018. With a close knit group of up to 12 pax, you can expect days of fun and inspiration with U China Travel!

Experience a brand new way to discover Chinese culture, history and nature.

YOU are the guests of U China Travel!

Welcome to China

With Love,

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