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Waterwheel Park

Located along the Yellow River, on the west side of Binhe Road is the Waterwheel Park. The park is open daily to visitors and consists of a garden, a cultural square and waterwheel square. The Waterwheel Park is home to the city’s oldest water wheel, also known as the “irrigation” wheel. The original irrigation wheel in Lanzhou was built during the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century. The city’s waterwheels all had a unique appearance and Duan Xu, the man who made Lanzhou’s first waterwheel, based it on the irrigation style used in Yunnan province.
Lanzhou went by the nickname “city of a thousand water wheels”, as the city used hundreds of waterwheels throughout it’s history to generate energy due to Lanzhou’s close proximity to the Yellow River. In ancient times the waterwheels were the main source of water irrigation in the city, taken from the Yellow River. The garden serves as a showcase for the waterwheel and it’s numerous functions. There are currently two giant waterwheels on display in the garden and about five waterwheels on display in total.
In addition to the waterwheels there’s a teahouse in the garden for visitors to enjoy, as well as a unique opportunity to cross a part of the Yellow River via sheepskin raft.

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