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Western Xia Tombs

This site is known as the Western Xia Tombs or Western Xia Mausoleum, which was founded during the time of the Kingdom of Western Xia, or the Tangut Empire from the year 1038 until 1227. This time period was named the Tangut Period after the Tangut people, a little-known nomadic group who occupied the region bordering Inner Mongolia when Genghis Khan and his Mongol Army ruled the area.
This historic attraction consists of nine mausoleums as well as 250 tombs. The tombs are of the places where they laid ruling officials and the royal families, while the mausoleums were reserved for the kings. Only one of the mausoleums has been extensively excavated and it was discovered that the mausoleum was constructed for the emperor Jingzong, in the beginning of the Western Xia Kingdom.
The area extends over 50 kilometres (about 36 miles) across the base of the Helan mountain range. It’s located approximately 40 kilometres west of the city of Yinchuan. The Western Xia Tombs site was first discovered in the 20th century by a German explorer.

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