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White Pagoda Mountain

Also known as “Baita Mountain” or “Baitashan”, this is one of the more popular spots to visit in Lanzhou.
At the peak of the mountain stands the White Pagoda and the area is named White Pagoda Park. The pagoda structure was originally built in the Yuan Dynasty following the death of a Tibetan Lama, who passed in Lanzhou en route to Mongolia during the times of Genghis Khan during the 14th century. It has been rebuilt since it’s original construction a few times during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This snow-white coloured, seven-storey structure stands at 17 meters high. The green roof of the pagoda has many carved Buddha statues. Iron bells hang from the eaves of the octagonal shaped top with an image of Buddha carved on all eight sides. The two passes at the foot of the mountain; Jincheng and Yudie Pass, both served as key military fortresses in ancient times.
The mountain is about 1,700 meters high and has an area of approximately 3 million sq. meters. A visit to the mountain and it’s pagoda offer great views of the capital city of Lanzhou, which overlooks the Yellow River. After descending the mountain, try some of Lanzhou’s well-known beef noodles.

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