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The Prince Slope of Wudangshan

There is an old Taoist story which talks about the prince of Jingle Kingdom, with the legend of the Zhenwu god. He ran away at the age of 15 to Wudang Mountain and had aspirations of going up to heaven. Once there he climbed Wudangshan to study Taoism and dreamt of becoming immortal. He studied the philosophies of Taoism for over 40 years and eventually became a master of the ancient religion.
The Prince Slope Architectural Complex was first built during the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century.The area consists of a five-storey Prince Tower, the Needle-Grinding Well, a pond, as well as a scripture hall, where the prince used to retreat and study the philosophies of Taoism. It was uniformly designed with the legend of the Zhenwu god and his life submersed in Taoist study and life on Wudang Mountain. The Prince Tower is the highest building on Wudangshan, the largest mountain range and holy place in Hubei province.

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