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Wudangshan, or Mount Wudang, as well as it’s many sites are located near Shiyan city in the northern part of Hubei province. The mountain range is an important place for practicing tai chi and its one of the Taoist centres in China. It’s also known as “Tai He” mountain. It’s sited to be the birthplace of tai chi and a variety of Taoist temples are housed on the mountain range. There are numerous cliffs and over 70 peaks on the mountain; the highest being Jin Ding at 1,612 meters.
The mountain had a big impact on religious practice in China as well as public art. Along with being one of the most significant centres for Taoism in the country, Wudangshan also played a big part in spreading the philosophy throughout the region. From early Tang Dynasty temples were first constructed and since the Early Han Dynasty (from 25-220 AD) notable Taoist philosophers have been visiting the mountain.There is also a traditional kung fu academy located on the mountain site.
The Ancient Building Complex in the mountains was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 due to its historic cultural influence it had in China throughout the years.

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