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A popular hike and sacred mountain in China, Wutaishan or Mount Wutai means the “Mountain with Five Plateaus”. This site in Shanxi province and bordering Hebei is one of the four holy Buddhist mountains in China. It is officially a national park, and accommodation is available on the base of the mountain in the village of Taihuai.
Located in between the capital city of Taiyuan and the city of Datong, Mount Wutai was named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2009. The mountain’s highest peak tips at over 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) above sea level and it’s the highest point in northern China.
There are numerous temples located on the mountain. The area houses over 40 monasteries and some of their construction dates back to the 1st century. Wutaishan is home to the oldest remaining Tang Dynasty structure and the Shuxiang Temple which was built during the Ming Dynasty. There are over 500 statues inside the temple which represent various Buddhist stories.
The many statues and temples built on the mountain throughout a long period of time, as well as it’s unique flat mountain tops and surrounding plateaus are what make Mount Wutai one of the more important Buddhist mountains in the country.


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