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Wuzhong City

The city of Wuzhong is located on the eastern side of Ningxia, bordering Shaanxi province. The main ethnic group who reside in the city are the Hui Muslims. It’s the Chinese city with the highest Muslim population. It once served as an important trade and religious centre in the region. Wuzhong enjoys a lot of sunshine year-round and it’s been a heavily agricultural city for centuries.
Wuzhong’s weather is the most pleasant during the summer months from May to October.
The city is situated on the Loess Plateau and by the Yellow River. A variety of mutton dishes are a popular food in the city. During any trip to China and especially northern China, be sure to try the various mutton dishes, often prepared in Muslim restaurants (look for the Arabic script).
There are a few notable sites in Wuzhong, including the 108 Stupas and the Tongxin Great Mosque. It is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit in Ningxia as the interest in northwestern China with all it’s unique history and culture is growing.

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