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Xihai Grand Canyon

Also known as the Grand Canyon of the West Sea, the Xihai Grand Canyon is the ideal place to explore for any visitor looking to get away from the crowds. Huangshan is one of the most popular sites in China and the mountain is arguably one of the most impressive.
What makes the canyon so distinctive are the odd forms of the rocks and pine trees on the mountain. The weather over time has transformed many of the rocks into shapes which have signs of human forms like sages and fairies.The pine trees on the mountain don’t grow from the ground but out of the surrounding rocks. They have taken on some special shapes throughout the years and are more like “living sculptures” on the canyon rather than just trees.
The loops around the northern end of the canyon offer some of the most beautiful views in the Huangshan Scenic Area.
There are entrances by the north and south end of the canyon. The altitude ranges from 600 metres to 1430 metres. It takes approximately 5 hours to complete a hike of the entire canyon area, which is 9.6 kilometres.
There isn’t any transportation available on the mountain. The visitors are a mix of solo hikers and some who opt for guides along the way.

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