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Yak Meadow

Yak Meadow was affectionately named for the many yaks that come to the lush stretch of land to graze. The undulating hills of the meadow rise and fall in varying shades of green and yellow. Colorful flowers dot the expansive landscape while black and white yak wander peacefully throughout the pasture. During the winter temperatures remain mild in the meadow, while the surrounding mountainous landscape transforms into a vista of snow-covered giants.

The staggering altitude of the surrounding landscape stands in stark contrast to the low-lying meadow, resulting in vast views in all directions. The quiet meadow encapsulates a sense of peaceful tranquility amidst surroundings hidden within the clouds.

A cable car is available to transport visitors to the summit of the surrounding mountains. Upon reaching the summit you can enjoy a simple, traditional Tibetan breakfast. The area also has many magnificent hiking trails for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the landscape.

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