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Yangjialing Revolutionary Site

Provinces like Jiangxi and Guizhou were used as the locations for Party headquarters during the revolution. However in Shaanxi province, situated just outside of the city of Yan’an, Yangjialing is one of the most important sites in the history of the CCP (China Communist Party). Most notably, the Seventh National Congress for the CCP was held at this site in 1945. It was here where Mao Zedong gave a lecture and other members of the party gave speeches. During the congress, Mao was interviewed by an American correspondent and this is where he coined his notorious phrase “the paper tiger”. Yangjialing served as the headquarters for the Party from 1938 until March 1947.
This revolutionary site underwent some renovations in 1953 and later became open to the public. It consists of an auditorium, an office building as well as a few residences of the Party members, including the likes of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. The office building was built in 1943 and was set in the back of the auditorium. It has three floors, with a boardroom and research hall, members’ offices and a political meeting bureau. There are numerous relics on site to commemorate the leaders and members of the Party.

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