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Yichang City

Located in Hubei Province, the city of Yichang is best known as the place where many Yangtze River cruise boats dock. The river flows downstream from Chongqing until it hits Yichang. On occasion, cruises and other boats will depart from Yichang, flowing upstream to Chongqing.
There are a few sites in the city such as the Three Gorges Dam Project and the Three Gorges Village, as well as Yuquan Temple and the Three Visitors Cave (Sanyou) Park. 
Yichang has a population of about 4 million people. It is one of the biggest cities in the province after Wuhan, Hubei’s capital city and a major city in the middle of China.
The airport is located about 40 kilometres outside of the city centre. There is also a train and bus station for any travellers wishing to get to the east coast of the country or any major cities.

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