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Yuanmingyuan Garden

This is also known as the Old Summer Palace of Beijing. The name Yuanmingyuan literally translates as the Garden of Perfect Brightness. The site is located in the Haidian district in north west Beijing.
Used to be known as the Imperial Gardens, as the site consists of a large area of palaces and gardens built for the royal family.
It worked with the Forbidden City during Imperial Times. The Forbidden City was used mostly for ceremonies and the business of the state was done on site of the Old Summer Palace. The palace housed numerous works of art as well as special gardens and structures, mostly representative of the Qing Dynasty. There are also some buildings decorated in Mongolia and Tibetan styles.
Yuanmingyuan was originally built for the son of the Kangxi Emperor at the beginning of the 18th century, who ordered the expansion of the gardens. A huge garden and 28 “scenic spots were built and it became one of the most important sites in the capital city.

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