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Yuantong Temple

The largest temple in Kunming and the center for the Yunnan Provincial and Kunming Buddhism Commission, the Yuantong Temple is one of the most important state-protected Buddhist temples in China. Built during the Tang Dynasty and boasting a history spanning over 1,200 years, its Yuan and Ming dynasty style allows guests to enter the site from its highest point and descend to the grand hall at its base. Outside of the temple is a sizeable complex surrounded by a large pond that allows access through a number of traditional style bridges and walkways that creates a picturesque setting to supplement its spiritual significance. Equally as eye-catching are the stone staircases on the outside of the main hall that are carved out of the mountainside and wind their way to the top of the surrounding hills.
The temple’s grand style and brilliant appearance has famously been an inspiration to generations of poets and painters who have attempted to capture the feel and essence of this site.

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