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Zhangye City Introduction

Zhangye is a prefecture-level city located in the central-northwest quadrant of Gansu province, which borders Inner Mongolia to the north and Qinghai to the south. The region features a unique clash of geological features, with the Qilian Mountain to the south, the Heli and Longshou Hills to the north and the Black River running through the region, resulting in stretches of desolate desert accented with a lush smattering of flourishing oases. Where the land is fertile, you will find an abundance of agricultural activity in the form of golden seas of grain and fragrant melons growing off the vine. For much of China’s history, this region was the nation’s frontier, forming a natural passage between the central territories and the rugged exterior. While the city has since modernized and has scaled into something larger than, but still reminiscent of, the small, sleepy border-town from whence it sprang, Zhangye City’s surroundings have maintained a far-flung, exotic feel which has not changed much over the better part of a millennia.

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