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Zhongwei City

This city is situated in the west of the Ningxia Autonomous Region, just bordering Gansu province. It is home to the famous Gao Miao Temple. The newest site in the area are the sand slides and other forms of outdoor entertainment. Zhongwei has a population of just over 1 million inhabitants. The area is subject to a number of desert storms throughout the year, because it is located on the edge of the desert. The Yellow River flows through the city and the landscape is mostly made up on the Loess Highlands and mountains. It’s a few hours drive south from the capital of Yinchuan. Zhongwei’s main ethnic groups are the Hui, Han, as well as Mongolian nationalities.
Like other cities in the area, Zhongwei has a history which can be traced back about 30,000 years. Administration dates back to before the Qin Dynasty. It was given the name of Zhongwei (literally translated as “middle guard”) during the Ming Empire.
A visit to Zhongwei provides easy access to the Tennger Desert, where trips into the desert are available. The Zhongwei Railway Station connects people with numerous major cities in China.

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